5 Things I’m Into #10

Hi everyone—

February is always a kind of interstitial space for me. In my mind fall was a lifetime ago, and spring’s just ahead. Usually, I’m coming off a week of chasing the sun, which lets me frame the rest of winter as a downhill sprint. This year, we stayed home, and so everything feels just a little…off. The world is still moving as best it can; I just need to get back in sync with it.

I also spent a good deal of time helping my son comparison shop for a utility trailer. That’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d be writing, but here we are. He runs a lawn care/snow removal company and is ready to scale up. And he’s doing the old fashioned way. No hacks, or other shortcuts; just consistent customer service, and sweat equity. I’m clearly biased, but I’m proud of him.

With my part of the world moving full speed into the depths of winter (and a week straight of sub-zero temps), most of us will be hunkering down. It’ll be his time to shine.

It’s all perspective, I guess.

Grab yourself some coffee or tea, and let’s get on to the good stuff:

  1. Here are my top 5 songs of the past week. It’s an eclectic mix this week, but that’s a reflection of where I was at.
  2. Making friends can be hard enough as an adult- COVID has just made it worse. This article from David Cain lays out the one small step you can take to change that.
  3. As we ramp up vaccinations, cracks in the system are being laid bare. Distribution is consistently inconsistent and supply is not matching demand. At all.For a logistics nerd like me, it’s vexing. Every nation should be treating this as a wartime effort. We have the people and resources. All that’s missing is the will.I’m encouraged by early signals from the Biden administration, but we’ve got a long way to go. This Twitter thread from David Freiberg is the blueprint I believe gets us the furthest the fastest.
  4. As we make progress on COVID itself, we need to recognize the grief/loss we have all felt on whatever level it may be. That’s different for everyone of course. But reflection, resolve,  and some sort of resolution are critical.

    Even just taking a minute to take stock of things will do wonders.
  5. We all have a personal philosophy. Our ideal for living. Here’s what Thelonious Monk had to say.My favorite: “You got to dig it to dig it, you dig?”
    Sage advice.

Onward up the mountain,

P.S. I would love to hear from you! Rants, raves, whatever’s on your mind. 

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