5 Things I’m Into This Week

Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating! I know this has been a year like no other, but wherever this finds you, I wish you a season of joy & wonder.

It’s no secret that more and more people are cutting the cord, and ditching traditional cable for streaming platforms. For soccer fans, having access to channels like NBCSN and Bein Sports mean stead access to games for the first time…ever?

Now channels are looking to move more and more games behind paywalls. That could mean the death knell for channels like NBCSN. Further, what happens to platforms like Fubo if those games are no longer available? Do subscribers vanish too?

In the early days of the pandemic, hoarding cash was the name of the game for airlines. All retreated to their main hubs, pulled flights down, and used daily cash burn as a barometer of relative health. Brett Snyder, aka Cranky Flier argues that the time for such conservative behavior is over, and now is the time for airlines to experiment with new routes and get back in the game.

Fortune favors the bold, but does it favor carriers with aggressive strategies? Snyder certainly thinks so.

Hanlon’s Razor is a maxim that states, “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”  In other words, not everything people say is necessarily a personal attack. Polina Marinova walks us through how keeping this in mind can help avoid petty arguments. In this season of grievance culture, and social media rage machines, that might be the best gift we can give each other. One of the next best would be to sign up for Marinova’s newsletter, The Profile. It’s fantastic.

The Queen’s Gambit has brought chess back into mainstream discussion. Its rules require a steady mind and concentration- the antithesis of today’s Attention Economy. Getting off our phones and back to games like this can reap huge benefits- the least of which is the ability to think clearly. From the article:

“Our problem today is not that we don’t or can’t pay attention, but that the systems and structures of society oblige us to pay attention so frequently and fleetingly that we cannot in fact concentrate. Lacking an ability to concentrate, it’s a struggle to construct and maintain a coherent and autonomous sense of self, which leaves us at the mercy of digital, commercial and political puppeteers. Without concentration, we are not free.”

Many people used their extra time this year to finally chase their creative dreams. New Podcasts sprang up, got back to playing music, and dusted off their pens to write for the first time in years (including yours truly). Whatever your endeavors are, keep this quote from James Clear in mind, and above all else, keep going!

“Your favorite athlete’s first workout was just as bad as yours.

Your favorite chef’s first meal was just as bad as yours.

Your favorite artist’s first work was just as bad as yours.

Keep going.”

Thanks for being here,


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