5 Things I’m Into This Week

This year is off to an…interesting start. Can someone please let 2021 know it’s not a contest?

Two days ago, we all watched in real-time as a group attempted to overthrow our government. It was a poor man’s version of storming the Bastille, except they wanted to keep the King in power.

Consensus is a rare commodity anymore, but I believe we can all agree that what happened at the Capital this week is inexcusable…

…And it didn’t occur in a vacuum. Anyone looking would’ve seen this train roaring right at us. Instead, many chose to soothe themselves with the idea that these people aren’t to be taken seriously, or that it’s all for show. It clearly wasn’t. While we pacified ourselves on a diet of interviews in diners and gentle think pieces about the disaffected middle class, they were plotting.

Anything burns if you pour enough accelerants on it. The truth is, white gas has been pouring on these embers for years. Social Media gave it oxygen.

In any society, there are lines that can be pushed but never crossed. This past Wednesday, 1000’s of people-urged on by elected officials– high-hurdled them.

The last time the People’s House was breached was over 200 years ago. That’s a number we should definitely try to beat.

On to the Good Stuff:

1. In the early ’90s, the world looked on in horror as the former Yugoslavia disintegrated. Spectacularly.

Places like Kosovo and Bosnia were inextricably linked with atrocity. Nearly 30 years on, things are quieter, but not fully resolved. Overt violence has been replaced with things revisionist history and onerous zoning regulations. The shooting may have stopped, but the aggression hasn’t.

2. Polina Marinova continues to knock it out of the park with her newsletter, The Profile. In one of her latest posts, she writes on the importance of one’s Content Diet, and how critical “watching what you eat” can be.

“In a world that bombards us with clickbait and articles solely written to sell ads, it’s up to you to become more aware and intentional about your own content diet. Ultimately, the information you consume on a daily basis will determine how you think about and see the world.”

3. Speaking of diet, I wrote a quick review of 3 books you should definitely have on your reading list. Deep Work, advice on wealth/happiness, and a love letter to Hollywood; it’s all here.

Literary superfoods, each of these will nourish your heart & mind both.

4. Airlines are in the fight of their lives, and some storied carriers are on the ropes. In an excellent piece packed with maps and pictures, Paul Soprano walks us through United’s history in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s a lovely look back to a time when travel was glamorous and less fraught. Be sure to come back for Part 2.

5. While we’re waiting to get back out in the world, take a listen to this podcast from Stuff you Should Know on the Eiffel Tower.

Thanks for being here,

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